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Real Estate Terms & Phrases | Real Estate Dictionary | Property Language Explained | Legal & Business Reference Work  Nov 12, 2019
Real Estate Enyclopedia
ISBN 978-0-9668946-4-6
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International property law,
finance words explained,
accounting, appraisal,
banking, construction,
collateralized mortgage,
option, land surveying,
land economics terms, leasing,
foreclosure, securitization,
mortgage terms, valuation …

Sample Pages Third Edition

abandonment, bargain, commission,
cost approach, easement,
demembrements de la propriete(F)
fixture, good repair, letter of intent,
licence by estoppel, multiple listing,
money, mortgage-backed security (MBS),
noscitur a sociis(Lat), police power(US)
The Shorter Property Dictionary and Encyclopedia
ISBN: 978-0-9668946-1-5
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Real Estate Terms Online

property thesaurus
agency, arbitration, contract,
brokerage, landlord & tenant
leasehold enfranchisement
guaranty, security, lease,
fixture, insurance, equity & trusts,
real property law cases,
tort, trespass, town planning,
zoning terms, yield rate, …

Shorter Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-0-9668946-2-2

possibility of reverter, quiet enjoyment,
real covenant(US), rent, spot zoning(US)
title insurance, Torrens title system,
multiple listing service (MLS)(US),
unvalued policy, usufruct/usufruit(F),
voluntary waste, wraparound mortgage,
zone d'amenagement(F)

The Definitive Property Dictionary

The most COMPREHENSIVE book on Property Terms and Phrases.

A Dictionary, Encyclopaedia and Reference work — ALL IN ONE

Now in its Third Edition, this authoritative 1,536-page encyclopædia has three main aims:
(1) To provide a clear and precise explanation of a particular term or phrase, with multiple cross references. (2) To help the user find answers to many of the questions that occur in property today (either directly or by reference to a considerable number of other major sources - books, citations (cases and statutes), quotations, web sites and more). (3) To point out where a problem might occur upon which, when required, professional advice should be sought.

This INTERNATIONAL legal, financial and economics reference book does more than provide definitions. The explanations are supported by legal citations and bibliographical references. There are over 5,700 property law cases, 1,900 statutory or code references, as well as 7,000 book references, many of which are referenced by page or paragraph number.

In addition, the Third Edition has a significant number of French property terms, explained in English, with extensive code and book references (also with page and paragraph references).

The Appendices to the Encyclopedia include: (1) A bibliography that lists over 1,600 books on real estate and related subjects. (2) A summary of major property laws. (3) A list of international professional associations. (4) A table of measurements. (5) Financial formulae. (6) Real estate acronyms and legal abbreviations.

The Shorter Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms

The Shorter Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms defines and explains over 7,500 terms and related definitions. This is supplemented by more than 1,000 citations (cases, statutes and other authorities), over 20,000 cross references and 400 bibliographical references. Material is drawn from the UK, USA, and many other common law jurisdictions.

The primary focus of these encyclopaedias is English and American real property practice. However, they are truly international in scope with terms from Australia, Canada and New Zealand, as well as words and explanations from Scots Law and Civil Law and explanations of Latin terms. All of these are supplemented by extensive resources to aid further research. Thus, these works transcend any mere glossary.

abandonment |  bargain |  commission |  cost approach |  démembrements(F) |  easement |  estoppel |  fixture |  good repair |  letter of intent |  licence by estoppel |  money
mortgage-backed security (MBS) | 3 multiple listing |  noscitur a sociis(Lat) |  police power(US)
 |  possibility of reverter |  quiet enjoyment |  real covenant(US) |  rent
spot zoning |  title insurance |  Torrens title system |  multiple listing service (MLS)(US)
 |  unvalued policy |  usufruit(F) |  value |  voluntary waste
 |  wraparound mortgage(US) |  zone a urbaniser (ZUP)(F)